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Once the COVID-19 Crisis has passed, we will offer classes at the Dojo, however we will continue to use Zoom for students who can't attend in person.

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About GEMA


Our Dojo

At Golden Eagle Martial Arts (GEMA) we foster a family friendly environment, where kids and parents can train together, learn self defense, self discipline, as well as respect for others and ones self. 

Get fit, build confidence, and reduce stress in a fun, supportive environment.


Safe, Fun, Fitness

Our martial arts curriculum builds core strength, improves balance, flexibility and fitness level.  To give parents some time to unwind and refocus, we also offer classes for adults only. We provide a safe, fun environment, and all Golden Eagle Martial Arts staff are background checked by NISD, the State of Texas and the FBI.


Family Policy

We feel so strongly about fostering a family friendly environment, that we have a unique policy: Once you pay for two members of your family, everyone living in the same household trains for the same price. Whether you have two, four, or like us, six people in your family, you only pay for two.

About our Instructors

Master Gregory Fletcher

Master Gregory Fletcher

Master Gregory Fletcher


Master Gregory Fletcher is a 5th Dan who started training in the martial arts in 1979 and began teaching in 1984. He also holds a 3rd Dan in Tang Soo Do, and has taught self defense seminars all around the country and in Europe.  He has trained in Tang Soo Do, Taekwondo, Iaido (Samurai Swordsmanship), Jujitsu, Kung Fu, Hapkido, and Krav Maga. He has dedicated decades to study, philosophy and history of the martial arts. Master Fletcher’s whole family trains and teaches at the dojo.

Master Rodney Ball

Master Gregory Fletcher

Master Gregory Fletcher


Master Ball began his martial arts training in 1986 studying Shorin Ryu Okinawin Karate where he earned his 3rd Dan. He also studied Go Sho Kai Karate and earned 5th Dan. In 1997 he began studying Chun Do Kwon Taekwondo where he obtained the rank of 6th degree in 2017. Master Ball has also studied Kali, Jujitsu, Aikido, Tai Chi and numerous weapons. Along with the physical aspects of the martial arts training, Master Ball has dedicated a lot of time in learning the history and the Philosophy of Martial Arts.

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