Self-Defense Seminar

Self-Defense Seminar on January 18, 2020 from 12pm to 1:30pm

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Self Defense While at School

This student is faced with a much larger apponent (the bully attacker is 6' 4").  Size doesn't matter when you are properly trained.  Wrist locks and submission holds allow you to control an aggressor without throwing a punch. In this video, the student was not told ahead of time what the simulated bully was going to do. Due to his training, he reacts in an instant.  This makes us as instructors feel very proud.

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All of our classes are lead by Master Gregory Fletcher and/or Master Rodney Ball. Both have decades of experience teaching the Martial Arts.

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At Golden Eagle Martial Arts in Helotes, we offer programs for everyone in our 5500 square foot facility. Martial Arts for adults and kids, After School Karate Program, SportFit Cross Training, and Strong by Zumba.

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We blend ancient traditions with a modern approach to learning the Martial Arts. Students gain self-confidence and self-discipline, while improving fitness and relieving stress.

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